We gave a bot Wikipedia’s “List of Light Novels” and asked it to come up with ten new light novel titles

The future of Pyramid is somewhat up in the air because, believe it or not, it costs money and time to do this and the crew (let’s call them… Pyramidheads) haven’t quite been able to figure out how to make it a Whole Thing yet. That said, in the spirit of our (more or less) first article, here’s another one of these dumb bot things.

If you missed this a couple years ago, comedian Keaton Patti created a series in which he claimed to have “forced a bot to watch over 1000 hours of” a thing – Friends, commercials for Olive Garden, Harry Potter etc. – and then made a script out of it. This slightly misrepresents how Patti wrote his work, although there is Botnik, which is a kind of predictive text system where you can insert your own text and then generate new text based on the same kind of prediction system that your smartphone uses.

We’ve wandered over to Wikipedia’s List of light novels for this. A light novel is, as the name implies, a novel but not like a super heavy one. Somewhat unique to Japan (you can kind of think of them similar to young adult novels in the U.S.), a lot of them are based on, or inspire subsequent, manga and anime series.

Light novels have earned some attention lately because of their unusual titles, which can help a book stand out in the crowded book market. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? might seems like a weird name, because it absolutely is, but maybe a weird name is what it takes for you to pick it up. Same for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

So we here at Pyramid, in an attempt to avoid talking about all the terrible things in the world today, have decided to come up with our own light novel titles. If you are an aspiring writer hoping to make your book pop at the local bookseller, consider pilfering one of these guaranteed bestsellers:

  1. A Third Life in Another World with my Smartphone Girls Strike
  2. A Slime is Wrong for 300 Years
  3. Help! Cautious Girls Became Commonplace in the Sky
  4. Legend: Shiro of the Elite Clockwork Planet
  5. No Twins in Love
  6. No Twins in Love: Gun Gale
  7. Pilot Witches and Wolf Girls? I Reluctantly Decided to Get My Pancreas in Another World
  8. Sacred Machine and the Stony Cat’s Dilemma
  9. The Guilty Hero Rebuilt the World of Otome Games
  10. You Saved Nanana’s Memo Pad

Cover image used under license from Kirigaya Project/Shutterstock.